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2 Step Dance Lessons in Houston

Also known as the Country Western 2 Step or the Texas 2 Step, the 2 Step has its roots in the American frontier era. Dances using 2-step footwork have existed since the 19th century, evolving from a fusion of folk dances spread across the western frontier, and in the 1930s, western Swing and the 2 Step went hand-in-hand. It's no wonder the 2 step is the most popular country dance, especially here in Texas.

There are many variations of this dance, but it is a fairly simple dance for beginners to learn. As implied by its name, the 2 Step is simply a series of steps across the dance floor. Usually danced in 6 counts to a distinct beat in 4/4 time, the 2 Step follows a quick, quick, slow, slow pattern that progresses counterclockwise across the dance floor. Advanced choreography involves spins, swings, and turns inspired from Swing that makes the 2 Step an enjoyable dance.

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