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Bachata Dance Lessons in Houston

Learn something new with Bachata dance lessons in Houston at Dancing City! The Bachata dance originated in the Dominican Republic during the first half of the 20th century. It was heavily influenced by other Latin dances such as the Salsa, Cumbia, and Merengue. Bachata is also a form of popular guitar music that originated in the Dominican Republic in the 60s that gained international popularity in the 90s.

This rhythmic and sensuous Latin dance is in 4/4 time. There are 3 steps to 4 beats: 3 steps and one-beat pause. The traditional dance pattern for the Bachata is a box step, in which dancers move their feet in a square pattern as opposed to a side-to-side motion. While seemingly simple, the box step can be adapted and transformed to include complex variations. Due to this versatility, Bachata is a fun and exciting dance to learn!

Bachata dance lessons in Houston are the perfect way to spend your time! Our dancing professionals will ensure that you master the basic steps and help you experiment with new moves while having fun. Dancing City has the instructors that can transform you from a wallflower to a showstopper! Call or text today at (713) 828-4647!