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East Coast Swing Dance Lessons in Houston

East Coast Swing dance lessons in Houston are an energetic way to have fun! East Coast Swing is a social partner dance is sometimes referred to as The Jitterbug, as it evolved from the Charleston, Shag, and Lindy Hop. It is a circular, rotating swing dance with different wraps, tunnels, and turns. When you take swing dance lessons in Houston, the music used is actually quite diverse, including oldies, country, and even top 40. You may see people enjoying East Coast Swing everywhere from a formal ballroom to your local bar.

The dance steps for East Coast Swing seem difficult at first, but with East Coast Wing dance lessons, they become easier and eventually effortless. Dance steps strictly adhere to a six-count pattern and require a small, light step. Sometimes this six count pattern is mixed with the eight-count patterns of the Charleston and Lindy Hop. East Coast Swing Music is written in a 4/4 time and a tempo of 145-170 beats per minute.

If you are intimidated by the thought of learning East Coast Swing-don't be! The professional instructors at Dancing City make East Coast Swing dance lessons in Houston fun and relaxing and will work with you until it becomes part of your dance repertoire. Dancing City can provide instruction to all dancers, from beginners to advanced. Call or text today at (713) 828-4647!