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Merengue Dance Lessons in Houston

Merengue dance lessons in Houston are taught by Dancing City's qualified professionals. The Merengue is the official dance and music of the Dominican Republic. Since it is a simple Latin dance, the steps can be learned quickly. The basic steps of this dance have made it very popular around the world, and it is said that anyone that can walk properly can learn the Merengue.

Since partners hold each other very close, it is a dance that is ideal for dance floors with limited space. And although it's ideal for limited space, the simple beat of Merengue allows the participants room to improvise: Many different figures can fit into the structure of the beat. This dance also doesn't just focus on one particular dancer, but rather on the couple as a whole. They should work together to create a fun, sensual dance. Due to its creativity and playfulness, Merengue lessons are a popular choice.

Dancing City is a leading school for Merengue dance lessons in Houston, and we also offer a variety of other professional Latin dance lessons. If you like to have fun or want to get in shape, dancing is a great way to accomplish both. Dancing City has the instructors that can get you out of the chair and onto the dance floor! Call or text today at (713) 828-4647!