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Polka Dance Lessons in Houston

Polka dance lessons in Houston at Dancing City are a great way to spend your Saturday night! Polka is a fun, lively dance with strong Central European roots. There is also a genre of dance music known as Polka whose origins can be traced to the mid-19th century Bohemia, and it is still a common type of Czech and Slovakian folk music.

In the United States, the "Polish-style" Polka had its beginnings in Chicago where it is known as "Chicago honky" or "Chicago push" dances. The "honky" style of Polka features a clarinet and a trumpet; whereas the "push" style (the most recognizable Polka) features an accordion, bass, drums, and two trumpets.

In different parts of the country, various cultures have co-opted the Polka and given it some echoes of distinction. The Polka in Houston, in particular the "Norteno" or "Conjunto" dance, has a direct Mexican influence and is a popular dance of local Latin clubs. The "Duranguense" is a newer variation, a Mexican-influenced dance that comes from Durango. The basic steps of Polka can be adjusted to meet the demands of many different variations of the dance, including the type of music played at the venue.

If you are interested in learning how to dance the Polka in Houston, you will be pleased to learn that Dancing City is able to provide you with ballroom dance classes. We have patient, knowledgeable instructors who will work with you until you have mastered this fast-paced dance. Whether you are trying to impress your spouse for your next anniversary or have set a goal to be the dance leader at your favorite local hangout, call us today to get started with polka dance lessons in Houston! Call or text today at (713) 828-4647!