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Quick Step Dance Lessons in Houston

Dancing City offers Quick Step dance lessons in Houston. English in origin, the Quick Step emerged during World War I in the 1920s. During this time, the Foxtrot was danced quite quickly before it finally diverged into two different styles: the "Slow Foxtrot" and the "Quick-Time Foxtrot," otherwise known as the Quick Step. Today, it is one of the five main ballroom dances.

A distinctive characteristic of the Quick Step is the up-and-down, rise-and-fall swinging motion executed at a rapid pace. Performed on 4/4 time, the rhythm of the Quick Step is slow-quick-quick populated with hops, kicks, skips, and points. An energetic dance that requires you to remain light on your feet, dancers who master the Quick Step often appear as if they are dancing on air. This carefree dance and bright rhythm is also beginner friendly, the basic steps easy to learn and enjoyable to perform.

To learn this cheery, lighthearted ballroom dance, contact Dancing City today for Quick Step lessons in Houston. Our dancing professionals will transform you from a wallflower to a showstopper, and you'll be floating across the dance floor like a star in no time. Call or text today at (713) 828-4647!